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"I've just read this article and it's fantastic (I hate to laud all this praise on you, I normally give consultants a hard time!).  You've really captured the impact, the uniqueness and present it in a very powerful and engaging way. I can't make any suggestions, you've done it!"Scottish Community Development Centre

"…you'll be getting sick of this but the article is fantastic, I though I knew this project well but you've revealed a wealth of info that I wasn't aware of. As always your writing style is engaging and makes it impossible to stop reading...Great work!"Community Health Exchange

"We are all very pleased with the result, in particular the project workers thought the section on volunteering really captured what we are trying to do. Thank you for managing to distil what we are all so passionate about into a very readable and informative piece."Borders Healthy Living Network

"Once again, I'm over the moon with the article."Chinese Healthy Living Centre

"Thanks Kerry, it looks great. I really liked the article. Thanks again for all your help." - Mearns and Coastal Healthy Living Network

"Kerry’s always ahead of the game when it comes to providing case studies – when you ask to speak to someone about an interesting story she's already worked up a list of great talkers. She knows what will work and what angle to sell it from, making sure the top line grabs your attention and holds it. Truly a pro."Corrie Martin, News Editor, Real Radio

"Kerry has always delivered when she has pledged to do so. She always manages to maintain a warm, pleasant and friendly persona – even when the pressure's on as it so frequently is."Linda Summerhayes, Health Editor, Edinburgh Evening News